Global Citizen

Gaspar Lino - Global CitizenBorn in Portugal, but with close ties to Spain, the United Kingdom and the US, he given Gaspar Lino a strong foundation which has contributed to his many successful business ventures over the past two decades.

Although his career has always touched real estate and construction projects, Gaspar Lino remains involved in many side ventures, such as his vineyard in northern Portugal, among others.

The seeds to Gaspar Lino’s acute awareness of the current imbalances within the European Union and unique international outlook in the politics, history and business networks which affect the union were sown during his studies which he undertook in the United Kingdom where he lived and studied for 7 years. Gapar Lino graduated with honours from London University’s Queen Mary and Westfield College, obtaining his B.A. degree in “European Studies”.

Gaspar Lino’s ability to communicate at every level of the poiltical spectrum derives from early experiences working in the US. In early 1990s Gaspar joined Ruder-Finn, Inc., a global PR and lobbying firm based in Washington DC. During his time in the company, his tasks involve political lobbying representing both foreign governments as well as multinational companies in the United States; this involves constant engagement with the White House, the Senate and U.S. Congress, as well as with the international media.

In 1994, following an appointment as Commercial Director for Miami based telecommunications company Calldepot, Inc., Gaspar Lino returned to southern Spain where, following further study, he obtained his M.B.A. in the “Escuela Superior de Estudios de Empresa” (Business School).

The following year, in 1995,  Gaspar Lino entered the entered the Spanish real estate sector by investing in property, building a portfolio and developing luxury homes. During this period, he built, manages and markets a shopping centre and its corresponding public car park. Over the years Gaspar Lino has been involved in

Over the past 18 or so years Gaspar’s career has spanned three continents, and his track record in global real estate and construction has made him the go-to choice for many multinationals and governments.