International Approach

Gaspar Lino - Construction Development

Gaspar Lino has been involved in the Real Estate Sector for the last 18 years, and during this time has founded and managed several successful companies related to different fields within this sector. In recent years Gaspar Lino has taken a special interest in large international construction and development projects.

In 2009 Gaspar created Shoreline Group Inc., a vehicle for investment and asset management in the US residential real estate market. The Shoreline Group currently owns and manages over 500 residential units in the Chicago area, a portfolio valued at over 40 million USD.

Gaspar has partnered with the Ferreira Build Power construction group in creating a fully integrated real estate company for the West African market, based in Accra, Ghana. He is a partner and board member of Ferreira Build Power.

Gaspar is also a founder, majority shareholder and CEO of Peninsula International Real Estate, a holding for all the international construction and real estate development projects and activities.

As a founding partner, Gaspar also acts as CEO of Contempora Architecture & Planning, an architectural firm currently working on diverse international projects with offices in Spain, Portugal and Ghana.

Gaspar is a consultant and sits on the board of different companies in the Real Estate, Construction, Retail, Architecture, Finance and Defense sectors.