With Equatorial Guinea’s oil production in ever-fast decline, Malabo’s efforts to tout offshore and onshore basins appear to be bearing fruit. The first stage in the new licensing round appears to have been successful for the man behind it, Equatorial Guinea’s minister for mines, industry and energy, Gabriel Obiang Lima.

Gabriel Obiang Lima Whets the Majors’ Appetite

African leaders plan to introduce a single passport allowing freedom of movement across the continent in an idea modelled on the EU’s Schengen zone. The EU’s Schengen free movement deal saw the abolishment of borders, allowing passport-free movement across parts of Europe.

Africa to get its own Schengen Zone

Ecobank may pull out of some African countries to focus on more promising markets, chairman Emmanuel Ikazoboh told Reuters. The bank will review its expansion strategy after profits declined; a fall in commodity prices have hit some African countries hard causing revenue to slow down and profits to fall.

Ecobank May Retreat From Parts of Africa

Tomatoes are part of a staple diet in Africa, whether they are consumed in raw or processed forms, but demand far outweighs supply as nearly every country in Africa consumes more tomatoes than it produces. Nigeria is sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest producer of tomatoes, producing up to 1.5 million tons every […]

Africa’s Entrepreneurs Hoping to Make Millions from Tomatoes

The top 100 Grocery retail companies in the world focused their attention on Africa and the Middle East in 2015 after promising growth in the sector sparked expansion efforts. In 2010 Africa and the Middle East accounted for 12% of the top 100 markets, this figure grew to 15% in […]

Promising Growth in Africa’s Retail Sector

Three years ago investors and private equity firms were all too keen to buy assets in Africa after its “GDP” story, and although times have changed, and a very different story has emerged, there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in the continent. Growth in the continent as a […]

In Terms of Investment Opportunities Africa Still has a lot ...

$1 trillion will be cut from the spending budget for exploration and development in the oil and gas industry after global production levels come in much lower than previously forecast, according to consultant Wood Mackenzie.

Oil & Gas Exploration Budget Faces Cutbacks

Nigeria’s continuing resistance to allow its currency to weaken is affecting the flow of capital into the country. The West African Country will struggle to gain investment from overseas until the central bank loosens capital control and enforces the flexible exchange rate that has been promised.

Nigeria’s Central bank Must Loosen Capital Control