All eyes are on Argentina’s new president Mauricio Macri’s pushes forward with his economic reforms. One of the challenges Macri faces is to settle the decade-long legal battle with U.S. hedge funds suing the country over unpaid government debt. But the more immediate hurdle is to find a way to […]

Argentina sets the stage for economic liberalization

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Angola bank Banco Millennium Angola SA (BMA) will merge with Banco Privado Atlantico SA (Atlantico). The merger will create “Banco Millennium Atlantico” which will become Angola’s second-largest private bank private sector bank in terms of loans to the economy, with a market share of approximately 10% by business volume. This […]

Angola’s Millenium and Atlantico banks set to merge

[Buenos Aires, Argentina] A London-based private equity and investment management firm was among several major funds to hold talks in Argentina this month to discuss opportunities a new “pro-market” government might present, as a result of Sunday’s presidential election. Members of Gemcorp Capital LLP (“GEMCORP”) met with Santiago Montoya, president […]

GEMCORP eyes opportunities in Argentina ahead of elections